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pil·grim·age /ˈpilɡrəmij/ 

1 : a journey of a pilgrim especially :

one to a shrine or a sacred place.

2 : the course of life on earth. pilgrimage.

The Water Folk recognizes the deep need for humans to reconnect with the sacredness of life in what we consider the Great Unraveling, as our teacher Joanna Macy describes it. We have learned from the movement of Water Protectors from Standing Rock and other native peoples that water is a core element to the possibility of life here on Earth and it must be protected. 

Mni Wiconi; Water is Life 


We acknowledge that many of the social systems that exist today are driven by cis-heteronormative white supremacist extractive capitalist patriarchy paradigm and practices. As white folx, we are committed to noticing and undoing our conditioning that keeps us in these oppressive ways, and learning new and old practices so that we can be with land, humans, and all other beings in a healing way. 

That is why we walk. To get to know the lands we live and work on, to following the water flows - allowing it to be our teacher and guide, so that we can be an accomplice to it and all who depend on this sacred substance, doing our part to help it go where it is needed and where it wants to be. 


We also see walking for the water as a political act, opening people's perceptions to the critical condition of the world's water resources, and encouraging people to act locally to restore the climate through slowing, spreading, and sinking water into the soil. We know that damage to the hydrological cycle the world over is a major contributor to climate change, and we aim to educate and assist others to do what they can do restore the water to a healthy cycle in their watersheds. 

To learn more about our experiences walking for the water, please read the post below about "Agua é Vida: A Water Pilgrimage in Portugal" and check out our friends and teachers over at for more information about water pilgrimage in Turtle Island/the United States. 

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