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Our current small team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication.  From rural back roads to corporate boardrooms, we are committed to supporting our clients and working for the regeneration of healthy global ecological systems.

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Our Team

Ethan Hirsch-Tauber

Ethan Hirsch-Tauber

CEO-Founder &
Lead Water Systems Technician 

Before founding The Water Folk, Ethan Hirsch-Tauber spent many years living in a range of communities around the world, working as a sustainability educator, and gaining a deep understanding of the connections between water and climate. He studied the Water Retention Landscapes of Tamera, Portugal, and later traveled with and was mentored by Waterman of India, Dr. Rajendra Singh. In 2018, he founded a US-based company, Worldwide Water Wizards, to start doing this climate-based watershed restoration work himself. 

In early 2020, Ethan earned his Water Harvesting Certification through Watershed Management Group in Tucson, Arizona. Upon moving to California in mid-2020, he started installing greywater and rain catchment systems. In order to develop his specific knowledge of the Sonoma County bioregion, he then spent nine months working with Permaculture Artisans, an ecological-focused landscaping company out of Sebastopol. He also began working with Water Stories, founded by water expert Zach Weiss, in order to promote watershed restoration on a larger scale. Ethan is now passionately piloting The Water Folk to implement water catchment projects in Sonoma County and beyond. 

Graham Gould

Graham Gould

Digital Marketting &
System Specialist

Graham Gould has spent most of his professional career as a business owner and product developer in the beverage industry. Throughout this time, he has cultivated skills ranging from customer acquisition and marketing to business management. While working within an industry so reliant on water, he became highly aware of water waste and waste in general. As this became more present in his awareness he decided to step out of the industry in search of something more aligned with his moral compass. It was at this point that Graham began working with Ethan during his transition from doing business as Worldwide Water Wizards to The Water Folk. Graham brings his knowledge of business management, sourcing, marketing, and technical skills to the Water Folk team.

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