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Previous Projects

Melinda, Half Moon Bay, Ca

 Rain Catchment,  Rain Garden, & Landscaping

In the scenic coastal town of Half Moon Bay, California, we recently completed a transformative project for our valued client, Melinda, a dedicated soil advocate. This endeavor seamlessly integrates sustainability and landscape design, reflecting Melinda's commitment to holistic environmental stewardship. The project involved the installation of two innovative 550-gallon slimline rain tanks, strategically positioned to maximize rainwater collection efficiency. Additionally, a meticulously designed rain garden now thrives with native, drought-tolerant plants, contributing to soil health and local biodiversity. This project not only exemplifies Melinda's dedication to sustainable living but also underscores her passion for nurturing the very foundation of a thriving ecosystem - the soil. In Half Moon Bay, California, Melinda's vision for a resilient and water-wise landscape has been realized, leaving a lasting mark on the coastal environment she cherishes.

Anne, Cotati, Ca

Grey Water System & Rain Garden

Anne reached out to the water folk via daily acts and wanted a grey water system with integration into the landscaping of her front yard. Following an initial consultation where we determined where the grey water system would terminate, our specialists came out to install the grey water system and then created a rain garden in the front half of the yard which could absorb the runoff from one of the main gutters. For this job a tiller was required due to compacted soil. The rain garden ended up being 6”-12” deep which will allow for some of that water to sink back into the landscape, before it can hit the city sewer system, nourishing her garden and the local watershed. With the excess soil from the rain garden we built two Hugelkultur beds which act as a sound barrier from the street and allow for slow breakdown of organic material over several years. The end result was a beautiful mulched front yard with several new fruit trees. 

Mary & Steve, Petaluma, Ca

Grey Water System, Rain Catchment, & Rain Garden

Mary contacted water folk with interest in a grey water system, rain tanks, and a rain garden. After initial consultation our specialists installed a grey water system which provided water to a large ailing redwood and a few other trees along a rock spillway. This system was special in that the laundry system was on the second story of the house, so our pipes were suspended above the first floor. Following the grey water system, we returned to install two rain tanks on the back of the house collecting a total of 1060 gallons. We used bushman slimline tanks which are 2 feet wide. These tanks are connected so they can fill at the same time, and then the overflow runs into the recently mulched backyard, where it can be absorbed via the rain garden. The rain garden has a selection of water and drought tolerant plants.

Joel, Windsor, Ca

Grey Water System & Rain Garden

Joel asked us to come for an initial consultation to assess an already very well designed Permaculture plan, and incorporate water features into the landscape. Our first step, which is common for our clients, was a grey water system. This system ran out from the porch area via the laundry room and then ran to the yard feeding various plants in a rain garden and then will run to several spots for fruit trees. The next step is to install one or more rain tanks at different points around the house to best utilize existing rainfall onto the roof in various parts of the landscape. This may include as wll system either installed by the water folk or with partnership with Occidental center for arts and ecology.

Congle, Petaluma, Ca

Grey Water System, Rain Catchment, & Rain Garden

The Congleton family are super water conscious and wanted to maximize the use of grey water and rain water. They asked for us to do an assessment and initially wanted a grey water system running out to the front yard. The laundry system was in the garage but the easiest way to reach the front yard was to cut through the wall into the crawlspace and run the pipes under the house and out to the front. That system now fills a series of berries, fruit trees, and terminates at a big Redwood.

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