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Greywater & Rain Catchment  Systems

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What We Do


Greywater Systems

Greywater systems are the lowhanging fruit in terms of getting water back into your local ecology. Our specialists can usually install a system in a matter of 1 to 2 days and will design a system that is optimized for your specific water usage. The easiest system to install is a laundry to landscape (L2L) system, which runs from your clothes washer to designated plants in your landscape you want to give more water to, 



Easy to install
& maintain

Great way to help against drought! 


Rain Catchment Systems

Rainwater harvesting and catchment systems are for those ready to take a step beyond greywater systems. Tank systems allow storage of water for distribution as needed. This means you can catch rainwater in the winter and distribute it throughout the year.

Collected rainwater can then be used for many purposes, from gardens and landscape irrigation, to other household purposes (following filtration).

Efficient passive
form of collection

A step towards water autonomy 

Variable tank sizes
for all needs


Water Retention Landscape

Water retention landscapes are the most involved way to transform your local landscape into a resilient, abundant micro water ecosystem. Basins, diversion swales, check dams, and other earth technologies are used in combination to slow, spread, and sink any water that moves over and through the landscape, whether from direct rainfall or runoff flowing from higher elevations. While we do not formally offer retention landscaping, our specialists will help consult with you to create a custom plan to suite your landscape. 

Most ecologically restorative

Adapted to your landscape 

Great way to help against drought! 

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Anne: Cotati, CA


"The WaterFolk did a great job on my project. It was a complex combination of rain garden, hugel kultur and installing a grey water system which meant that they had to design something in a compact space that leveraged the benefits of each system for the whole. Very thorough and showed up when promised. I definitely recommend working with him to restore water balance to your property and our good earth."

In many parts of California we are seeing rapid desertification, due in part to the rapid loss of water held in local ecosystems, and rain runoff that is unable to be absorbed into the landscape.


At Sonoma County WaterFolk, we strive to play a role in reversing this process through implementation and education around best water management practices such as greywater, rain catchment systems, and water retention landscapes  

Sonoma County WaterFolk offers the needed support, education, and opportunities for the collective responsibility it will take to restore our relationship to water.

Affiliated Organizations 


Sonoma County WaterFolk is committed to providing inspiration and education ​for humans to connect more deeply with our shared responsibility of caring for water. 

We envision a world with healthy and resilient human water management that supports climate stabilization, resilient ecosystems and universal access to clean, fresh water.

We commit our work and lives to this, and to the task of connecting people with organizations, communities, and opportunities for education that focus on this shared purpose.

Walking the watersheds we inhabit is a way to learn about the present conditions of local waters, how they are cared for, and the political issues that arise.

Get to know more about our work walking for the waters, and opportunities to go on pilgrimage with us here. 

Canva - Man Taking Picture of Couple on

Media is an important part of conveying the reality of local and global water situations. We believe that water should be a central issue that is conveyed in the media and in global climate talks. 

Get to know the projects and organizations that we work with and those who inspire us with these videos about water.


Having relationship to water and land is the primary way we have been inspired to care for this precious resource.

Check out opportunities that we or our trusted partners are organizing so that you too, can become a part of the growing movement of water protectors.

Sonoma County WaterFolk provides professional support for developing systems for rain water harvesting, planning water retention landscapes, and implementing greywater systems for your home, on your land, or through your community. 

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